Client for LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress
Image upload to LJ Scrapbook, Flickr,,, Picasa, Yandex Fotki Logo

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3 Dec 15

Release notes
[for NT/2k/XP/Vista/7],
also for Linux and Mac OSX via WINE

2.0 MB
[for 95/98/ME]
2.0 MB

Release notes
27 July 08

Release notes
[for NT/2k/XP/Vista]
947 KB
[for 95/98/ME]
954 KB
Posting to (no editing).
LJ adult settings.
Load/save settings to a file.
Upload into albums at
Tags for Blogger.
Release notes
5 Sept 07

Release notes
[for NT/2k/XP] [for 95/98/ME] Atom API for Blogger, MetaWeblog API for WP, MT and MSN. How to configure.
Image upload to,,,,
Auto spellchecking in HTML editor.
LJ tags and poll creator.
(11 Dec 04)
[only for NT/2k/XP] [for 95/98/ME] Fotobilder client, auto spellchecker.
(19 Aug 04)
[only for NT/2k/XP]
[for 95/98/ME]
Please note that you need Internet Explorer 5.5 or above to use all features of WYSIWYG editor. For example, w2000 by default has only IE 5.01 so some functions like autospellchecking in WYSIWYG mode are disabled.
(7 Jun 04)

[only for NT/2k/XP]

[for 95/98/ME]

This release has new Office 2002-like menu which may not be readable if you use screen reader. In this case use F10 key to turn it off.
(13 Mar 04)

[only for NT/2k/XP]

[for 95/98/ME]

See release notes
Read below how to install dictionaries for spellchecker.
(4 Oct 02)

Russian only for NT/2k/XP
English only for NT/2k/XP

Russian for 95/98/ME
English for 95/98/ME

Original release fromsema
(after that release sema discontinued development of the program)

Backup links: [only for NT/2k/XP/Vista/7] [for 95/98/ME]  
Zip file without installation: [only for NT/2k/XP/Vista/7] [for 95/98/ME]

Firefox addon to copy text and links to Semagic and write LJ comments in the client (read here):
The same context menu item is already available in IE.

All questions, bug reports and suggestions should be addressed to ljwin32_semaSemagic journal (ask in the comments to the latest entry). You can also leave a bug report or feature request or ask a question via Forums at SourceForge.

Q: Does it work on Mac or Linux?
A: Install it using WINE.
A wrapper for WINE without necessity of command line usage:
PlayOnMac for Mac; PlayOnLinux for Linux
Detailed instructions:
for Mac via Playonmac (the same for Linux) and for Linux without Playonlinux.
Required packages: vcrun6, ie6, msxml3, riched30

Screenshot (uploaded from Mac OSX Lion):

Q: How to enable xhtml compliance?
A: Enable HTMLTidy in Options/Editor.
Q: How to upload images into personal account at
A: Login in IE.
Q: How to download all entries and comments in my LJ?
A: Links/Synchronization. Or use LJArchive.
Q: How to run Semagic from a flash drive?
A: Read here.
Q: I cannot use it with custom keyboard layout.
A: Press Ctrl+F12.
Q: Why do I get "Unknown metadata error"?
A: Because you set a non-default value for that data for a blog site that does not support it (e.g. adult content for non-LJ site).
Q: How to use it with Blogger or WordPress?
A: See here. Note that you need to specify gmail email for Blogger instead of username in the server settings.
Q: Why links to original images at Flickr do not work?
A: Flickr returns them only for paid users. Select another type of image link in Journal/Pictures/Open Flickr/Link type.
Q: Can it post to miltiple LJ communities at once?
A: No.
Q: How do I remove a username from the login window?
A: Select "Hide username" in Options/General. 
Q: How to use separate taglist for particular user or LJ community?
A: Create taglist.user.txt or file. When found, it is used instead of taglist.txt.
Q: Why do I get "Bogus username" error when uploading pictures to LJ Scrapbook?
A: You have an underscore sign in the username but entered it with a dash which works for posting to LJ but does not for upload. Change it in the server settings in the picture upload window.

All project files:

There are 2 versions of the program: version with full Unicode support only for NT/2000/XP and version with limited Unicode support for 95/98/ME that also runs on NT/2000/XP (read more about difference in Unicode support). Also full Unicode support was added to 9x version but needs to be explicitly enabled in Connection settings in Login dialog. You will need to enable full Unicode support if you have English w98 but want to post an entry with Hebrew or Japanese symbols. To type in Asian languages on 9x install Global IME 5.02, on 2k/XP just add another input language in keyboard settings.

Dictionaries for spellchecker

Language Download link (left click) File size,
number of root words
English (US) Semagic_dictionary_en_US.exe 253KB
62,000 words
English (UK) Semagic_dictionary_en_GB.exe 246KB
46,000 words
Russian (RU) Semagic_dictionary_ru_RU.exe 850KB
332,000 words
Russian (RU)
с буквой Ё
(можно установить сразу
оба русских словаря)
Semagic_dictionary_ru_RU_yo.exe 426KB
129,000 words
German (DE)
combined old+new spelling
Semagic_dictionary_de_DE_comb.exe 1.03MB
290,000 words
French (FR) Semagic_dictionary_fr_FR.exe 307KB
92,000 words
Hebrew (IL) Semagic_dictionary_he_IL.exe 492KB
319,000 words
Portuguese (BR) Semagic_dictionary_pt_BR.exe 125KB
25,000 words
Hungarian (HU) Semagic_dictionary_hu_HU.exe 822KB
246,000 words
Dutch (NL) Semagic_dictionary_nl_NL.exe 457KB
120,000 words
Norwegian Bokmaal (NO) Semagic_dictionary_nb_NO.exe 507KB
120,000 words
Spanish (ES) Semagic_dictionary_es_ES.exe 207KB
49,000 words
Italian (IT) Semagic_dictionary_it_IT.exe 307KB
91,000 words

Larger list of dictionaries is available at the following link:
Backup link:

Semagic can perform spellchecking either via MS Word or using internal spellchecker which is based on MySpell library. Spellchecking via MS Word was initially provided as a temporary solution and turned out to be not enough reliable (you can see results of this poll) so it is better to use internal spellchecker. You should download and install dictionaries, go to Options, select "MySpell" and specify .dic and .aff file names (both files are required: affix is used to generate derivatives from the base dictionary and significantly increases the total number of words).

Here are some screenshots that might help you during installation: install.png, options.png, bingo.png

If you take dictionaries from the OpenOffice site:
You should download the file for your language with .dic and .aff files (en_US for English, ru_RU for Russian etc.) and extract into Semagic folder. That archive contains 3 files: small readme.txt and 2 larger files. If one of them has .txt extension instead of .dic you need to rename it. For example, if there are en_US.txt and en_US.aff and no en_US.dic you need to rename en_US.txt to en_US.dic.